Le Vignoble AOC Quincy

One of the oldest vineyard of the region, the vineyard of Quincy will become, after the devastation of the phylloxera, the first wine of the Val de Loire to obtain the AOC (PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN) in August, 1936.

Crashed on an original soil of grave sandblasters and clayey, vines (only of white Sauvignon) extend on about 280 hectares and 2 villages, Quincy and Brinay.

Excellent in apéritif, with goat chesse or seafoods.

Le Vignoble AOC Reuilly

Of the heart of Berry, the vineyard of Reuilly extends banks of Arnon in the edges of the river the Cher, on about 220 hectares, planted on a country with dominant argilocalcaire of type sancerrois, whose hillsides are covered with grave residual sandblasters.

Producing white and red wines, Reuilly produce a rosé wine stemming from some "pinot gris", a curiosity of Berry very appreciated, in particular in apéritif.